Cost of Ownership

Deciding Whether to Buy or Lease Your ESP?  User Survey Shows Buying’s Big Advantage How Much Does Leasing Actually Cost You? In times of low or uncertain oil prices, it’s tempting to make equipment decisions under the assumption that “cash flow is king.” Leasing... Read More

Don’t Give Up A Dollar To Save A Dime 

While the worst appears to be behind us, the demand recovery for oil and refined petroleum products will likely remain slow and uneven. That has all of us continuing to scrutinize expenses and look for ways to operate with less. However, one place that you should... Read More

Are You Fully Aligned?

Alignment is a good thing. Think tires. Or, spines. It brings everything into focus, allowing for any and all moving parts to function with efficiency and purpose. Alignment is also good for organizations, particularly as it relates to goals and incentives. In the... Read More