Electric Submersible Pumps

Electric Submersible Pumps

Reliable performance backed by relentless service that maximizes your production and return on investment Extract Production Services provides a full range of electric submersible pump (ESP) solutions for conventional and unconventional well applications. The complete system is optimized for the downhole application challenges you have in your well. Our expert teams know how to apply the right technology and operational best practices to ensure the best reliability. Paired with our relentless responsiveness approach to service, your production operations and production performance will ensure quick payback and return on investment (ROI).

From the beginning of the equipment design and selection process, our applications engineering experts partner with each client to best understand the production challenges and risks in order to make the best product and application recommendations. From wells with extremely high-volume fluid production to horizontal or highly deviated wells that are extremely deep or have high temperatures, corrosion or other aggressive challenges, Extract has the right ESP system configurations to ensure reliable operations, reduce downtime, increase runlife and optimize production performance.

The ESP system consists of both downhole and surface components. We provide all of the primary downhole ESP components including the the pump, motor, seal, gas separators/gas handlers and power cable. Additional downhole components include: data acquisition instrumentation (downhole temperature sensors and pressure gauges), motor lead extension, cable bands and cable protectors, centralizers and other optional equipment. The main surface components are the electrical control system consisting of a variable speed drive or switchboard along with the surface readout unit for downhole sensors.

Pumps: Offered in a full line of stainless steel and carbon steel in 338, 400, & 538 series.

Motors: Available in 375, 456, & 562

Seal Sections: Available in all series with standard and high load bearings.

Gas Handling Devices: Standard gas separation devices and advanced gas separation devices for high GLR applications.

Variable Speed Drives: Available in a vast range of sizes and designs with proprietary software included that will help optimize the ESP and increase your run time.

ESP Power Cable: Including poly nitrile, EPDM and EPDM lead with various armor configurations from the standard galvanized steel to stainless steel armor.

MLE Cable: Reliable downhole motor lead extension cables are highly tested and dependable.

Downhole Sensors: The ability to capture downhole data on pump intake pressure, wellbore temperatures and motor winding temperature greatly improve the ability to make decisions on the proper and efficient operations of the ESP system. Our downhole sensors communicate data over the existing power cable and are reliable and will function even if there is a ground-fault condition.

Monitoring & Automation + Optimization: Extract has complete systems to remotely control, automate and optimize your ESP wells.

Sand/Solids Mitigation: Extract understands the challenges that solids bring to ESP operation and have desanders and diverter valves to mitigate these problems.