An ESP motor is a three-phase induction motor with a squirrel cage type stator winding filled with high dielectric strength motor oil. The ESP motor is constructed of rotors and bearings stacked on the shaft and loaded in a stator. The motor contains synthetic dielectric mineral oil for lubrication, insulation, and for the homogeneous distribution of the heat generated inside the motor (cooling). Heat is then drawn off by the produced fluid past the outside of housing to the intake of system. The motor shaft provides the energy to drive the rotating downhole ESP system components including the pump, seal, intake (or gas separation/handling technology). The motor is rated for a specific horsepower, voltage, and current and is designed to rotate at approximately 3500 RPM at 60 Hertz. In typical ESP configurations, the motor is installed below the seal section and above the downhole sensor.


  • Series diameters: 375, 450, 562
  • Configurations: single, double
  • Series models: SD, HD, XD – designed to match application challenges
  • Options: high temperature, corrosion resistant metallurgy


The SD product series is optimized for benign well conditions, providing long life while keeping costs under control.


Our HD product series is a step up from the SD series and will handle more sand/solids production and gas when needed.


Our XD series is the top of the line solution when reliable production is essential, and downtime due to an early failure is not an option. This series incorporates the latest technology to ensure the best runlife possible in the most aggressive well conditions.