Power Cable/MLE

Reliable Downhole Power Cable and Motor Lead Extension Cable (MLE)

A critical component of any ESP system is the power cable. The downhole power cable is required to provide electric AC current to the motor and any failure along the way from the top of the hole to the bottom of the hole means having to pull the entire unit. Our field-proven high-quality downhole ESP power cable is available in the right size and materials for your application. The last section of cable that runs along the downhole ESP equipment string is the motor lead extension (MLE) cable, which is a specially configured flat cable ready to connect to our ESP motor tape-in connection design.

  • Configuration: Round, Flat
  • Ratings: 3KV, 4KV, 5KV
  • Conductor: 4 AWG, 6 AWG, 7 AWG
  • Materials: Poly, Special Poly-Poly, EPDM, Lead (Pb), standard galvanized and corrosion resistant armor options available