Downhole Sensors

Reliable Downhole Sensors Provide Insights into Production Operations

Our downhole sensors provide the ability to monitor in real-time the downhole pressure and temperature in order to better optimize and maximize your production and provide protection of the equipment. Using these data points, the ESP system can be better operated and optimized by better understanding the dynamic downhole operating conditions while helping to prevent pre-mature pump failures.


  • High speed data update
  • Field-proven, rugged, accurate and reliable
  • Rugged and accurate parallel plate gap capacitance transducer
  • Corrosion resistant metallurgy


  • Various additional multiple channel options including intake pressure, discharge pressure, intake temperature, motor temperature, vibration, current leakage and more

Surface Read-out Unit (SRU)

The comms-on design of our downhole sensors using the ESP power cable means you don’t need a separate communications cable to obtain data from downhole. Our surface choke and surface read-out unit (SRU) provide the ability to capture the data even when there is a ground-fault condition. When paired with our variable speed drives and remote Monitoring and Automation + Optimization capabilities you will have more control and data to make better production decisions.