Gas Lift Systems

Extract Gas Lift Systems is focused on providing high-quality solutions for gas lift completions. Extract Gas Lift features a complete capability for multiple types of gas lift systems, a full line up of conventional completion accessories and downhole gauges.

Extract Gas Lift Offers:

  • Monitoring & Optimization
  • Mandrels & Valves
  • Packers
  • Pressure Gauges

Extract Gas Lift Benefits:

  • Extract Gas Lift provides service to our clients based upon a unique combination of high-quality production engineering, along with knowledgeable and experienced sales and operations.
  • Extract Gas Lift’s proprietary gas lift and NODAL software provides a full understanding of a well’s characteristics and production objectives. The proprietary software provides analysis on any number of sensitivities in a very user friendly and collaborative workspace.
  • Extract Gas Lift’s state-of-the-art computerized and digital gas lift set up and testing consoles provide unparalleled documentation of every job’s quality assurance with the inclusion of valve setup and test reports that show TRO pressures, Repeatability Test, Valve Closure, and Valve Seal Test.
  • Extract Gas Lift’s supply chain network focuses on manufacturers that are the highest quality for equipment and delivery reliability.  Our business model reduces overhead expenditure so we can bring these types of high-quality products to the market at prices that are competitive to lower tier products.