Born to Dominate the VSD Landscape

At HOSS, we’re constantly driven to improve, innovate and defy the status quo. Which is why we reimagined the KODIAK drive from the ground up, starting with the display. Featuring a big 12” LED backlit screen and an intuitive, adaptive menu, the KODIAK looks and acts unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. But the KODIAK’s powerful performance is more than skin deep.


Game-Changing Benefits


The KODIAK provides our customers with proprietary technology they can’t find anywhere else: Beast Mode. Beast Mode optimizes power use by precisely matching required output with pump speed. This reduction in vibration, heat, and bearing load extends the life of your pump, and reduces cost of ownership by up to 45%. That’s something to roar about.

Smarter Icon


The KODIAK comes loaded with more innovation than you can shake a stick at. Pump performance curves are generated from pre-loaded coefficients, providing exact control and protection at the limits. With its robust troubleshooting capabilities and comprehensive data collection, you’ll experience the clear difference between knowledge and an educated guess.

Killer Warranty IconKILLER WARRANTY:

A revolutionary drive like the KODIAK demands an equally impressive warranty. So we took our best-in-class 3 year standard warranty and made it even more awe-inspiring. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from an optional 5 year warranty covering the VFD, connected motor, and HOSS’s patented thrust chamber.


Experience the fastest set-up time in the industry – up to 50x faster – than the common drive. And with the KODIAK’s intuitive interface and adaptive menu, you will be able to hit the ground running quickly, and stay running at optimal speeds.