Surface Pumping

Delivering Proven Results from HOSS Pump Systems

We have a wide range of reliable surface pumping solutions from the smallest to the largest systems for all types of applications. With a patented thrust chamber design capable of continuous operation thrust loads of up to 55,000 lbs. you will have the best you can get on the market. We provide the long-lasting solutions you need for salt-water disposal, fluid transfer, fluid disposal, fluid injection, boost pipeline boosting and other industrial midstream applications for amine gas treating.


  • Standard and optional pump sizes available in 400, 513, 538, 675, 862, 875, 1000 and 1025 series
  • Pressure limits have been re-rated for safe surface operation
  • Discharge pressures available to 5,000 psi MAWP with the 513 series and 4,800 psi with the 675 series pumps
  • Pump has an over-sized, thicker housing that provides a higher pressure rating